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Therapy for adults, teens and couples.

New psychological perspectives, manage stress, heal from trauma and learn to trust again.

Therapy for Change is ready to help you create stategies that work for you. Whether you have experienced therapy before or are looking to identify or clarify your feelings and emotions.


Professionally trained, Benita Scott has an honours degree in Psychology, with extensive Counselling qualifications including Grief Counselling, Rogerian Therapy, trauma resolution (EFT and Matrix Reimprinting).

Benita Scott is a professional mentor for other Therapists and Counsellors and an experienced workshop presenter both online and in group work.

Talk Therapy

Talk therapy is more than just having a chat. The therapeutic process should create a sense of trust and empathy. Developing compassion, progress and always recognising the needs of the client.

Clients consult with Benita for a wide variety of reasons including;

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Emotional and Physical pain management
  • Grief/anticipatory grief
  • Teenage Mental Health
  • Forgiveness/trust issues
  • Guilt
  • Self-Harm
  • PTSD
  • Recovery from abuse

Therapy is about change. Whether it is something that has happened to you or something you want to change in your life. One of the aims of therapy is to bring you back to you.

Therapy done well, should be gentle and afterwards I hope that you will have a sense of feeling more empowered.

Nutrients for Mental Health

Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory with benefits for pain relief, asthma and anti-depressant.

Change and personal evolution is best achieved using a balance of talk therapy and nutrition.

Anxiety, depression and trauma all cause changes not only in the brain but all over the body. Shock and long-term stress deplete magnesium , zinc and B vitamins.

It makes sense to work with the body in a holistic way. To give you the best chance of successful therapy and recovery.

Benita uses a wide range of resources to create a personalised plan for each client. Including questionnaires which assess neurotransmitter balance and specific Amino acid protocols.

Working with anxiety, depression and teen brain development is a specialty of this practice.

Therapy for Change is Different

Talking about your emotions or even lack of feelings can be an unusual process for some people. Sometimes people feel scared to open up, please try not to worry. At our first session you will learn new healthy ways of managing overwhelm and upset. This is the main skill of therapy for change from Benita Scott.

Therapy shouldn’t have to hurt, emotions once heard or seen often feel lighter and freer. Your emotional self is intriniscally involved with every aspect of you including your physicality, motivation, health and self-compassion.

Find out if Therapy for Change can help you or people around you.

“Emotion is the song of the cells, it’s their whispering:it’s the electric light,warm and chemical, the subjective reality of the nuclei of the cells.

Emotion is a little cell speaking about itself and showing itself to be a fierce animal, modest monk, naked artist. It tells itself this openly with satisfaction or in frustration”

Christian Flēche

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Benita Scott is a Therapist and Psychologist.

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